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Adriatic Institute Co-Founders Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy 's Editorial Piece in
Croatia Review
A Call for New Thinking in Croatia's Upcoming Elections
Principled Leadership - A Historical Imperative










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Natasha Srdoc, Chairman and Co-Founder, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy   @NatashaSrdoc

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By Zeljana Grubisic, research fellow, Adriatic Institute and former editor for the US Department of Defense's multilingual online project focusing on Southeast Europe


The Misrule of Law in Croatia

Adriatic Institute's Co-Founder and Chairwoman Natasha Srdoc interviewed by John Feffer, Contributor, The Huffington Post:

"One of the banks was Hypo Group Alpe Adria (HGAA), which was taken over by Bayerische Landesbank in 2007. At the time of this purchase, Prince Michael von Liechtenstein took control of HGAA's Liechtenstein's branch, thus sheltering the accounts of corrupt politicians and their private partners in crime, with bank secrecy. It wasn't just the profits from arms smuggling that went into these secret accounts. There was also a diaspora that was sending money and that money was not used for humanitarian purposes. This is an issue that we have to resolve. For the last 20 years, there has been money laundering going on with the money accumulated during the war and then through corrupt and phony privatizations and other aspects of illicit financial outflows and illegal trade. Those monies have been coming back to Croatia and other countries in the region in the form of investment in real estate and loans by HGAA without any collateral. It is political figures and their private partners in crime who are benefiting by getting such loans. A huge injustice has been done that has to be corrected. Now is the time to bring the culprits to justice and confiscate the illicit enrichment amassed by corrupt politicians ad their private partners in crime during the last 23 years. Maybe we won't be able to punish those responsible for the war itself, but by following the money we will be able to find those who benefited from the war and the post-war plunder. While real patriots were fighting and dying for their country these corrupt politicians were stashing money in their private accounts." - Natasha Srdoc, Co-Founder and Chairman, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy

Adriatic Institute Co-Founder and Chairwoman Natasha Srdoc's Contribution to The New York Times' Room for Debate Forum:


Europe Needs Help Combating the Mafia


 Adriatic Institute's Leadership and Experts 



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Video | Natasha Srdoc - The Unfinished Work of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Advancing the Rule of Law

Video | Judge Henry Saad - The Unfinished Work of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Advancing the Rule of Law


Video | Natasha Srdoc - HTV: Croatia's $15.2 bn (25% GDP) illicit financial outflows via crime/corruption