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Flat Tax: regionalno takmičenje za kapital i nova radna mjesta se pojačava
Zašto je Hrvatska još uvijek izvan konkurencije?



Adriatic Institute's Leadership Team Members and Research Fellows

Natasha Srdoc, MBA, Co-Founder and Chairman, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy
Boris Divjak, Distinguished Senior Fellow

Joel Anand Samy, Co-Founder and Trustee
Adriatic Institute's Research Team Members and Scholars

Boris Divjak, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy - Adriatic institut za javnu politiku
Boris Divjak from Zagreb, Croatia, joined the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy in early 2006 and serves as senior fellow of the independent think tank. He is a Member of the Global Board of Directors of Transparency International, Berlin, Germany.  Divjak was instrumental in founding the Transparency International's chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Mr. Divjak serves as Operations Officer, Investment Climate Advisory Services at the World Bank Group, Washington, DC.  Mr. Divjak participated in Adriatic Institute's First International Leaders Summit (ILS) in November 2004 and has played an active role over the years in the organization's major events including the ILS Strategic Roundtable in 2007 and through the organization's strategic endeavors.  

Mr. Divjak received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Reading, UK and the Karl-Franzens University of Graz as well as a master’s degree in International Studies from the University of Reading. He has worked for the European Commission, USAID   and other bilateral and multilateral donors on their development programmes in the Balkans.

Luka Arvaj, Senior Research Fellow,  Adriatic Institute for Public Policy - Adriatic institut za javnu politiku

Luka Arvaj joins the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy (AI) in Rijeka, Croatia, as senior research fellow after a year serving as a regular contributor to the Adriatic Institute’s Libertas blog and the think tank’s research work. In September 2013, Luka Arvaj launched Croatia’s first private court Rexlegis, - a mediation and arbitration institution providing Croatia’s citizens with an alternative dispute resolution. Croatia’s backlogged court cases amount to over 845,000 for a nation of 4.2 million people with some cases stuck in the system for over 22 years. The innovative initiative provides a principled approach to Croatia’s citizens.

Arvaj’s graduate work completed in October 2011 at the University of Rijeka’s Faculty of Law focused on mergers, acquisitions, and divisions of corporations. He is currently furthering his studies in Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka with an emphasis on corporate finance law. From December 2011-2012, Arvaj drafted contracts and served as an advisor on business law - administrative proceedings to Coop Poreč d.o.o., Poreč, Croatia.

In his new role at the Adriatic Institute, Luka Arvaj will assist the leadership through the AI Rule of Law Initiative for Croatia and the Balkan Region, the illicit financial outflows study with Global Financial Integrity and continue to contribute to the think tank’s Libertas blog. As a writer on rule of law issues and economic reforms, Luka Arvaj brings his understanding of the challenges faced in Croatia and the region due to the adverse impact of the region’s post-communist legacies with a principled perspective in presenting solutions. Arvaj’s leadership responsibilities will include developing new outreach initiatives to Croatia’s youth and professional networks.


Zeljana Grubisic, Research Fellow,  Adriatic Institute for Public Policy - Adriatic institut za javnu politiku


Zeljana Grubisic joins the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy as a Research Fellow. Most recently she worked in journalism as an editor for the US Department of Defense multilingual online project with the goal of building emerging democracies in Southeast Europe.

Zeljana collaborated with regional journalists and correspondents, government agencies, NGOs, civil society in research for, development and translation of articles on human rights, rule-of-law, anti-crime and corruption, regional co-operation, anti-terrorism, anti-trafficking issues in Southeast Europe. She managed the website’s audio section.

Previously, Zeljana had a successful career in education, teaching at various learning levels –from the Ministry of International Relations at the Government of Quebec, University of Maryland, to a private preparatory school English Department readying students for a college career.

A native of Sibenik, Croatia, Zeljana Grubisic holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and a Bachelor’s in English and History from Concordia University, Montreal. She joins the AI with interests in human rights, anti-trafficking and the Balkan Route as they relate to corrupt government practices and failed policies.  She will assist the Adriatic Institute leadership in advocating principled reforms towards positive changes in Croatia and the Western Balkans. 

Martin Chren, Senior Fellow, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy - Adriatic institut za javnu politiku

Member of Parliament, Slovak Republic and Former Director, F. A. Hayek Foundation, Bratislava.

Katelyn Foster, Research Associate, Adriatic Institute for Public Policy - Adriatic institut za javnu politiku
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